Thursday, June 18, 2009


It has been almost a week since we arrived from Kajang/KL. Honestly our holiday mood is still clinging tightly. A lot of things happened in those two weeks - weddings, grandma's house, paksu's house, Cochrane, went to Perak for a few days, shopped for clothes at Sungai Besar, went to Jusco, Tesco, Metropoint, etc... Boy!! it was quite a schedule for us.. But all in all I'm glad that our holiday was well spent.. Quadrillion thanks to my in-laws and parents for making our short stay there memorable.. Loooking forward to our next holiday!!!

Danial : Don't worry atuk, I'll steer the wheels, you just step on the gas...
Atuk : In your dreams... Hehe

On our way to KLIA. Danial manja-manja dengan Wan nya for the last time.. Ala bushuk-bushuk..
Melompat-lompat kesukaan.. Rapper in action??
Being pampered again by Wan.. Rasuah dengan coklat Beryl's pulak.. Euphoria!!!

Atuk, wan and Pak Su.. Thanks for everything..

Danial's BFF.. (Best Friend Forever...) - Selalu main hide & seek sama-sama..

Family Kak Umi turut menanti di airport.. Kitaorang balik sekali dengan Kak Umi.. Flight yang sama... Masa untuk berangkat pulang ke Sarawak dah tiba.. Bye-bye semua.. Jumpa lagi masa Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

Signing off for now... Asta la vista...


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